An Obsession with Recognition

Recognition is not bad, in fact not many people are averse of it but an obsession with it can result in the person ending up a loner. No one standing with him, no shoulder to cry upon, no one to hear him.
He was an intelligent person right from the childhood. His parents, his teachers made him work hard. As a result he used to clear exams with flying colors. Everyone was happy with him, everybody praised him. He became aware of the recognition that he was getting. In fact he was relishing it. He deliberately wanted that wherever he was present, his name should appear. Many a times he used to do things so as to attract the attention of the people around him. And given the conditions it was not difficult for him to do that.
Then he came out of the house. He himself was not a hard working person but owing to his memory and intelligence he again used to succeed without working hard. Now this feature of him made people around him talk of him. And he started working in a way so as to get most by studying less and he was able to do it.
And then he came to Job. He did not realize that hard work is essential and it is difficult to substitute it with intelligence. He was able to do his work but hard working people tend to go ahead of him. As you go higher in life the competition becomes more and more tough. But he never felt that way. He was still working with his slack pace. Now recognition became difficult. What he started doing was he diverted his attention to activities in a way so that people take him as a different person. Many a times if he is with a person he used to make himself believe that he is different from the other person and behaved that way. If with a group of people, he was most satisfied when he felt he is not the same as them. The obsession with recognition or now should be said as the obsession of being different was so great that he stopped mingling with people believing that he is not one of them or they are not like him. His ego started inflating and he by his acts of garnering attention pumped it more.
One day suddenly he realized that he is not enjoying with people. He is not able to freely mingle with them. In every gathering a thought used to come to his mind that he should not do what others are doing. So, he stopped enjoying. He started feeling alone. He came to realize that he is no longer a recognized person in his area of working. By constantly putting his efforts elsewhere he is compromising his chances in those areas of his life where he needs to put his effort and where people have left him behind.
But his obsession also had some good effects on him. It gave rise to various different aspects of his life. He started experimentation in life. This led to many new experiences . He started believing that there is no single path to success and you can leave traditional ways in order to succeed in life. He came to know of what excites him most and what his interest in life is. He could now think of living life pursuing his interest or at least try for it as much as he can.
He started realizing that rather than showing off that he is different he needs to work on himself. He needs to work hard in life to come up, to fulfill his ambitions. He started believing that he is one among the people. In fact he also started believing that it does not matter whether someone recognize him, if he is enjoying his life. In the end what matters is whether he enjoyed his life, he was able to do what he wanted to do or at least he was able to try. He feels that at the end of life he should be able to say that he knew what he wanted to do ,tried to do that and even if he failed in achieving his dreams, has no regrets in life because he tried.


God Level likha hai chachhu

as far as my ratings go, this is ur best post till date, loved it man

keep writing, and the resemblance of he to u was what made it more interesting to me.

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Believe it or not but the question this person is trying to answer has something to do with temporal identities a person acquires as he progresses towards the next transformation of life.

A soul in search of eternal identity I believe, and most often the answer to such questions turns out to be zero, nothing, vaccum

What do you think?

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@ Madhur
But his temporal identities should not distract a person. And this is what the person is talking about.
Whether there is an eternal identity defined, or he needs to define one for himself, these kind of temporal identities are certainly not welcome.
Having said that, you can question me,How can you be so sure that the one you are considering eternal is not temporal and vice versa?
Well to that I have no answer.

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