Practicality and Soccer

Many a times practicality is an excuse for our inability of not doing things as they should be done or doing things the wrong way.But sometimes it is better if we do things the pratical way.
To me the option of Penalty shoot out in soccer to decide the outcome
of a match also seems to be a practical approach rather than an ideal solution.I see it this way:-
" Soccer is a game of 11 players,a team.Not of individuals.Otherwise Real Madrid would have been the undisputed champions of club soccer.But when it comes to penalty shoot out it depends on one person.A bad penalty, A good save and the decision is done.It's a better approach considering the position of players after 120 min. of football,considering the fact that extending the game might make the game drab.
But in the end nothing can beat the excitement of seeing a Grosso,a Cambiasso and a Rodriguez doing the act when all the 22 players are on the ground."