Friends and Friendship

When a person is born ,he arrives with a lot of relationships already made.But friendship is a bond which he has the privilege to forge.Right from the time he grows older,goes to school then college,during the job he continuously makes new friends.But as he goes on making new friends ,save one or two his contacts start breaking with the older friends.With the friends he used to hang out whole day and night,now you even start forgetting them.
I was pondering over this phenomenon the day when one of my friends was switching over to some
other place.The ideas that I have mentioned above were going in my mind and I was thinking why this
thing occurs.Probably I am becoming selfish in my attitude.I tried to give a reason for this which says
every person has some emotional needs(The term may make friendship sound like a business),which
gets fulfilled by different persons at different time.The more closer a friend is to you, the more he
satisfies your need.When you move to a new surrounding ,you make some new contacts.Now your
same needs are satisfied by a different person.This way your older contacts start breaking and you
forge new bonds.But even if I forget them at times,I feel gratitude to my friends that they were there when I needed them.


hey...thanks for liking my posts... and not to sound as if i am returning your compliments but i actually ended up admiring your free and easy flow of thoughts and their simplicity.. Coming back to this post you know i personally feel relations never end...nor does their status change...what changes is the proximity...and needs are there in all relations friendship is when the needs are satisfied even from a distance.. and gratitude in friendship is not expected...its ur right as a friend..

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and by the way i have commented on your comment to the silent spectator part 2 in my blog...:D

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hai... first of all am sorry to be so blunt but i hadnt meant to be brash or rude...if i hurt u then am wasn't intentional...

I understood your views the first time too, but what i blved was a relation where gratitude is expressed at any stage of it ceases on being a relation...cause the core of a relation is being there in thick and thin...and if u express gratitude then the roots are not deep...Nevertheless they were my sorry to offend

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Hi...thanks for not being offended, but yes from your words i did get a feeling that u took offense...
Well I am not the right person to say or think whether you are the cause or not, but I would tell u my views...
I think neither of u are the cause ( for the reason cause is when there is a fault). The relation u shared was closeness or proximity of contacts and availability of support ( in short companionship)... it was a colleague relation, and because of the time spent together you called it friendship... but if it would have been a friendship then how ever distant u be, or sparse the conversation be the last meeting wouldnt have been accidental :)

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could u explain ur question again?

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u know, I haven't had the most easy going or simple friendships either... I have had many bad relations, but I didnt let my hurt temper that judgment...Rem San? he had similar relations... coz' for me it was my bad luck :)... so maybe u r right or we both are right...

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